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John D Allen -

Mr. Allen joins Virtrua from Business First IT, Ltd, UK, where he was a Founder and the General Manager. Business First specializes in Systems Engineering, IT Governance, and Processes, with a focus on Measurement and Value Delivery. Prior to founding Business First, John headed DHL's Global System Architecture Department. Initially based in London and subsequently moved to Prague, the Department consisted of World Class specialists in all facets of IT, based in Engineering Centers in London, England, Scottsdale, Arizona, Prague, Czech Republic, and Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Mr. Allen's accomplishments at DHL include design, development and delivery of many of the company's front-line business information systems. He was responsible for delivery of the company's first electronic tracing tools, its first on-line customer services, and its first computer dispatch and route management systems. His department created the DHL Internet presence, and was responsible for several generations of the DHL global website, its primary customer premises processing systems, portable scanning and data collection devices, and other core technologies. John joined DHL as a Systems Engineer at that company's entry into global tracking of the shipments moving through its world-wide network of air express offices. At the time, DHL's NetExpress subsidiary was directed by Dr Lawrence Roberts and colleague Dr Barry Wessler, credited respectively with the invention of the Internet, and the formula for modern e-mail. NetExpress was the first of its kind, bringing global networking into the commercial arena.

John studied Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA. He is a member of ACM and ISACA, a trained CMMI assessor, a boating enthusiast, and an FCC licensed Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator. John is the Chief Strategist at Virtrua.


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