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  IT Strategy Planning
  Governance, Process Measurement & Improvement
  IT Organization Design and Development
  Modeling and Related Services
  Application and Back-end Services
  Bio-verification Infrastructure Services



IT Strategy Planning

Virtrua has created world class IT infrastructure for clients ranging from small startups through Fortune 500 players. Built on a step by step yet rapid analytical process, business strategy drivers are translated into a roadmap, characterized by an actionable, prioritized plan for execution.

We take pride in our ability to examine all facets of the business, and to recommend change or new direction in the choice and use of technology, and in the organization necessary to manage i

Governance, Process Measurement and Improvement

Virtrua offers a range of professional services aimed at developing and improving the quality of execution in the IT organization. Whether the target is Sarbanes Oxley compliance, COBIT aligned governance, CMMI accredited development or standard IT operations processes, we can help you to achieve process excellence. Our approach is to:

  • Assess the current organization and process against an appropriate framework,
  • Complete a SWOT analysis, identifying the areas most in need of change, and,
  • Define and guide completion of a plan to gain measurable improvements in the clients IT processes.

IT Organization Design and Development

Virtrua's principals have more than 50 years collective experience designing and staffing IT organizations of all sizes and for all purposes. In just one example, we created a multi-national team with bases in Western and Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and the USA, was formed to provide expert level technical guidance for a portfolio of projects valued at more than $100 Million per year.

Modeling and Related Services

Virtrua has developed a methodology that supports project definition, design, and support within the framework of a highly sophisticated process model specifically customized to a company's needs. Virtrua's process model involves:
  • Performing an audit of existing internal processes to identify areas of risk and how to maximize security measures to reduce risk.
  • Taking the results of the internal audit into consideration via Virtrua's proprietary process model, and then measuring and reassessing and rerouting workflows and processes to produce opportunities via a solid ROI.
  • Implementing evolving secure and productive technologies which are justified by the increased ROI identified through Virtrua's process model.

Application and Back-end Services

Both edge technologies and middleware must work well within the enterprise and be compatible with web services, databases, VPNs, transaction platforms, and other back-end platforms and architecture. Through its staff and partners, Virtrua has the capabilities needed to:

  • Develop appropriate APIs for compatibility with legacy systems so that deployment ensures interoperability with existing security systems and networks.
  • Provide network management and the ability to scale
  • with enterprise growth.

Bio-verification Infrastructure Services

Based on its core architecture, Virtrua provides customers with an ASP for managing security solutions and harnessing identity management at a level that every person in a company can easily and effectively use. The technology enables every user by means of a "you are the password" approach and is built on a bio-verification framework and infrastructure that provides unprecedented access to identification and authentication, as well as a state of the art permissions services and a highly intuitive presentation layer.



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