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Michael S. Balmuth  -

Michael Balmuth is a world-class information systems architect with more than 25 years of expertise in the specification, design, creation and deployment of global business and information systems.  Mr. Balmuth served the DHL Worldwide organization for over 18 years, the last 6 of which were spent as Managing Architect, Strategic Architecture, Planning and Standards at DHL Systems, where he directed the creation and maintenance of the IT architecture, serving the DHL worldwide consortium in 214 countries.  In this role, he specified, designed and built mission-critical information systems, integrating over 200 highly autonomous local operating companies in 1,400 locations into a coherent global network while simultaneously sustaining double-digit annual growth.  His efforts in planning for and implementing technical infrastructures accommodated growth of a global corporation from annual revenues of $200 million to over $4.8 billion.  During his career at DHL, in addition to his duties as Managing Architect, he was responsible for a succession of mission critical, leading-edge information technology projects. 

Mr. Balmuth was also the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Focused Data Communications, a data management and information technology architecture consulting practice.  Projects included smart card implementation for patient referral and telemedicine/teleradiology healthcare entities, and the design, development and implementation of highly secure, edge-based technologies such as unique USB flash drives with embedded biometric sensors, personalization, and synchronization software.  

Mr. Balmuth is the Chief Executive Officer of Virtrua and has a wealth of experience in the areas of mobile identity management and information security, as well as existing and emerging portable information technologies.


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